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Where TO go on a First Date!

If you managed to catch the first part of our dating infographic mini-series ‘Where NOT to go on a First Date’, you’ll now probably be wondering where the best places to go are when seeing someone new. Whether you’re recently back in the dating game or you’re a seasoned dater who’s looking for their ultimate Netflix and Chill companion, thinking about that first date can be a daunting task. But don’t worry – we’ve rounded up some of the best first date ideas along with a handy dating etiquette to help you keep your cool when it really counts!

So there you have it! Where TO and NOT to go on your first date, so now there’s no excuse to ever have another bad dating experience again! If you’ve ever had a terrible date and you finally feel you’re ready to talk about it, or even if someone took you out and gave you the most memorable first date of your life, we want to know about it! Share your story in the comments below, then print out our guide and stick it on your fridge. Just in case.

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