9 Best Places To Get Pizza In Nottingham!

Pizza Pizza Pizza. We all know it, we all love it. But do you ever get the fear of ordering pizza in a new place, or steering away from your regular takeaway, in fear that it wont taste the same, or even good for that matter?!

Well, not to worry, we’ve got a trusty list here with 10 of the BEST places to order pizza in Nottingham. And seeing as though it’s National Pizza Day on 9th February, we’re guessing you’ll need it!

OMG look at that cheeeese

National Pizza Day is celebrated throughout the world and more predominantly, the USA but this year we wanna do it BIGGER. So go down this list, pick a place to indulge, and get ready to celebrate National Pizza Day this Saturday by posting your juiciest slice with #NationalPizzaDay on social media – mmm.

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