36-Minute At-Home Workout For Weight Loss

Staying fit and keeping your body moving is essential while we’re all indoors. Whether you’re new to working out at home or not, this effective 36-minute at-home workout requiring zero equipment will have you feeling fit and refreshed.

Aim to do this every day alongside a healthy balanced diet to see results in weeks!

Top Tip: use your phone timer app to time each exercise, or, have a watch or clock nearby!

Get started with a warmup:

Jog on the spot for 1 minute to get warmed up. Engage your arms and rotate them in circles above your head to get your whole body moving.

Then, do star jumps for 1 minute.

Next, walkouts. To do this, stand up straight then walk out with your arms into plank position. Reverse by walking back up with your arms and repeat 5 times!

Walk-out Pushup exercise for at home work out
Credit: Skimble

Jog on the spot for another minute.

Next, do 10 squat jumps.

Woman doing squat jumps for at home workout

Shake it off with some high knees for 2 minutes.

woman doing high knees for at home workout

Next, kneeling hip circles for 30 seconds each leg.

woman doing kneeling hip circles for at home workout

Come up to standing and that’s the warmup finished, cool off for 30 seconds!

20 Minute Full Body Home Workout

YouTube is a great place for finding at-home workouts. For the main exercise, the video below will help you combine every part of your body for a full impact workout without using any equipment! If this video isn’t for you, search for other 20-minute workout videos. Combine these with the warmup above and the ab workout below alongside a balanced diet, and you’ll start to see results in weeks – have fun!

Final Circuit Set

Each exercise will last 30 seconds, check out the linked YouTube video at the bottom to follow this exercise step by step!

30-second crunch

30-second crunch with knee lifts

30-second bicycle crunch

30-second to reach crunch

30-second crunch with leg lift

30-second reach out, tuck in

30-second roll in

30-second bicycle crunch

30-second oblique crunch right

30-second oblique crunch left

30-second sitting crunch

30-second oblique crunch right

30-second oblique crunch left

30-second jackknife

30-second starfish crunch

30-second reach out, tuck in

30-second starfish to jackknife

30-second roll in

30-second hold

30-second plank


Credit: Pamela Reif YouTube Channel

If this isn’t for you, try skipping, aerobics or even yoga. There are so many forms of exercise you can do in your home to get your body moving and burn stored energy.

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