National Umbrella Day 2019 Is Here!

The umbrella. In Autumn and Winter it’s a magnificent accessory used in day to day life – if you live in England that is!

The dome-like protectors from rain and dismal weather are something each of us is equally familiar with, like getting your finger trapped when trying to disengage it or the umbrella turning inside out after a huge gust of wind, we’ve all been there, but we couldn’t live without them really.

On February 10th National Umbrella Day is celebrated throughout each nation, honouring one of the worlds most useful inventions, whether it be used to keep you dry, or as a fashion accessory!

Umbrella Types

The ‘Brolly’ as us Brits say, has been popular since the late 19th Century and invented over a thousand years ago. There’s evidence of umbrellas in the ancient artefacts of Egypt, Greece and China!

The Chinese were the first to waterproof the umbrella, by waxing them and using lacquer paper to protect them from the elements.

The first umbrella shop opened in 1830 as James Smith and Sons, which still operates to this very day!

Check out our list of fantastic umbrellas and where to buy them, then use #NationalUmbrellaDay on social media and post a pic!


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