If last year’s world events taught us anything, it’s that we should all live a little more for the moment. Brexit, the Donald Trump campaign and the loss of several much-loved celebrities all left us feeling a bit blue, questioning our realities and perceptions of the world we live in.   But with a New [Read more…]

Banding together to build brand value
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So, you’ve got your brand spanking new business in a brilliant location, you’ve told all your friends and set up your Facebook Business page and Twitter account. Now it’s time to sit back and let the hoards of customers pile in, right? Well, not quite… Anyone who’s worth their salt in business knows this isn’t [Read more…]

There’s a very good reason why we chose Nottingham as the first launch location for Snizl. This city is a treasure trove of local bars, restaurants, shops and cafes – all with something to say. As we delved deeper in Nottingham’s independent scene, discovering the hidden gems of the city, we aren’t ashamed to say [Read more…]

The Best Student Deals… Bars & Pubs
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What’s the best thing about being a student…? New friends? Care free mid-week nights out? The… education? Nope. It’s the discounts. If you’re lucky enough to hold an elusive “NUS card” read on: we’re going to show you just some of the very best deals that are ready and waiting for you to take advantage [Read more…]

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