‘It’s the movie stars, the music, Louis Armstrong, Sinatra, Elvis Presley, James Dean,’ says Sting to sum up his new album. ‘But it’s a love letter that says, “Don’t destroy this dream,” because it’s a dream the whole world shares. And if the American dream dissipates, there is nothing to replace it.’     The [Read more…]

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What to do about Facebook’s News Feed Changes
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The best new strategy for the small business Social media company Facebook recently announced its intention to make changes to both the look and purpose of its News Feed, and those changes are profound. Put it this way: if you’re the owner of a small business and you used to rely on organic posts to [Read more…]

Beat the Facebook Business Page Blockade
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Snizl gives Businesses the Solution Here at Snizl, we have come up with an ingenious solution to Facebook’s recent ‘business page blockade’. We have designed and developed a ground-breaking marketing concept that rewards peer-to-peer sharing across social media sites such as Facebook. Snizl’s platform offers the chance for account holders to become ‘Promoters’ of Snizl-based local [Read more…]

‘This is the place that will put Weymouth on the map,’ whispers the man sitting at the table beside mine as he tucks into his beef tenderloin. Moments later my own arrives and it is succulent, knife-through-butter stuff, served on chef’s own ratatouille. If ever ‘phenomenal’ could be used in its proper context it would [Read more…]

On a late autumn day, a shiny shipping container lands with a gentle thud in the grounds of a pub in Sharnford, Leicestershire. But this is no ordinary shipping container; it is fresh, canny and resolutely forward-looking. In fact, to drop onto the back lawn of The Bricklayers to a fanfare and a burst of [Read more…]

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