Find the best Dentist this Toothache Day
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Today’s fun holiday is Toothache Day, but seriously where’s the fun in having a toothache? Toothache Day is celebrated every year on February 9th. “Celebrated?” I hear you say. True, having a toothache is nothing to celebrate, but this unofficial fun holiday is a good way of reminding us all about the importance of oral [Read more…]

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When it comes to dining, we have discovered a little gem in the heart of Chesterfield – Coco Bar Bistro. They are a modern British tapas bar serving steaks, burgers and Mediterranean bistro dishes to name but a few. And when it comes to liquid refreshment, they don’t disappoint, serving a fine selection of real [Read more…]

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Comedy is Good for Your Mental Health
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There have been many studies carried out that show findings of the positive effects of humour on our mental health, and as a result, doctors and psychologists are beginning to implement laughter more and more as a form of treatment for their patients.     Health Benefits of Laughter Laughter has numerous health benefits including [Read more…]

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Unicorn Mania sweeps across Britain
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Unicorns are nothing new of course, they have been around since 2,700 BC in one form or another.     However, in the last year or so, google trends shows a surge in popularity of these mystical, magical creatures, and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. This obsession with unicorns doesn’t just [Read more…]

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Dry January There are numerous benefits of abstaining from alcohol: better quality of sleep, improved skin condition, weight loss, and generally a healthier you, not to mention the extra money in your pocket. Did you know, the average person in Britain spends almost £50,000 on alcohol during their lifetime. “The average Brit spends £49,581 on [Read more…]

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Our Love Affair with Popcorn
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When it comes to food-related fun holidays, there are lots to choose from, but “Popcorn Day” has got to be one of my favourites. Just grab yourself some Corn kernels, add heat, and voila – you have yourself a delicious, tasty snack, better known as popcorn. History and Origins Popcorn originates from the Americas, Mexico [Read more…]

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Why Gift Cards Are the best Present this Christmas Gifting Christmas presents can sometimes be a stressful and tricky affair, especially when you’re buying for a troublesome teenager or someone who seems to have it all already. Gift cards are both painless and practical, making them the saving grace of Christmas shopping. The faithful gift [Read more…]

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Recently we have seen various new and innovative ways of serving traditional Christmas food. The latest to join this trend is Glitter Gravy. The Fox Under the Hill pub in Greenwich has been serving glitter gravy with its roast meals in the run-up to Christmas and it’s proving to be extremely popular.     According [Read more…]

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