6 Surfing Spots in the UK You Have to Try!
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People have enjoyed surfing in the UK ever since 1929 when a group of aussie teenagers brought the sport to England.     Today the sport has a significant following, and it’s very easy to catch the surfing bug. With International Surfing Day coming up this week and perfect conditions this time of year, there’s [Read more…]

Leicester has hit the headlines this week as it experiences the country’s fastest growing rental prices. The average rental growth in the city is growing at almost five times the national average. This is fantastic news for property landlords who will see an excellent return on their investment.     The April 2018 Landbay Rental [Read more…]

St Georges Day is upon us, and so, its time to celebrate our patron saint of England. Leicester will be hosting its annual family-friendly fun festival on Orton Square in the Cultural Quarter. Saturday promises to be an action-packed array of entertaining activities including a dragon hunt, parades, fancy dress, to name but a few. [Read more…]

Compers Choose Snizl
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It’s a refreshing change to find a competitions website that’s not funded by web ads or data capture. Snizl is a platform that promotes local, small businesses and uses competitions as a tool to let business owners engage with an audience of potential customers.     Most competition websites tend to bring together competitions from [Read more…]

How To Create Your Perfect Garden Paradise
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With hopefully the last of the winter weather behind us, after snow covered a lot of the UK over the weekend, it’s about that time of year to start thinking about your garden and visiting your local garden centre. If you’re anything like me, apart from helping the kids build a snowman, you’ve probably barely [Read more…]