Why Stoneless Avocados are Saving the World
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The delicious taste of avocados is becoming extremely popular. This great tasting fruit appears in so many Instagram pictures and is the most important ingredient in a great brunch. However, this great meal has an even greater cost for some. The horrific and terrible Avocado Hand. Avocado Hand Avocado Hand is an injury spreading across [Read more…]

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Nothing screams festive cheer quite like a good festive christmas jumper. From novelty designs to 3D reindeer noses, cheap high street bargains to high-end designer numbers. They are comfortable great to wear and shows how much you love Christmas. The Snizl team have researched what’s on the market and here are 12 of our favourites. [Read more…]

  While doing some Christmas shopping at the weekend, I bumped into a friend, (parent of a child at school with my daughter). She was looking quite weary, and not at all full of festive cheer, as she wondered over towards me laden with bags of gifts. Gifts not for her family and loved ones, [Read more…]

The Alzheimer’s Society – Elf Day
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You may have heard of the Alzheimer’s Society, most people have. but did you know that they support people with all types of dementia? We didn’t until we took a closer look. About Dementia Dementia is a horrific brain disease that causes a gradual decrease in a person’s ability to think and remember aspects of [Read more…]

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree. How lovely are thy branches. It is time to get the decorations out and get ready for Christmas. The first thing you will need is the Christmas Tree. Snizl has been finding out the best places to get Christmas Trees in Leicester. Register for free at http://www.snizl.com and get plenty more deals, events, [Read more…]

As it’s now December, there’s a lot of people preparing for Christmas. Hauling out the decorations from the loft. Hanging fairy lights and of course – putting up the tree. But if you haven’t got your tree yet or you’ve decided that this year, you’re going for a real one, we’ve lined up 12 of [Read more…]

When it comes to Christmas dinner, you want to be tucking into the best quality roast. Shops are laden with turkeys, but knowing how to pick the best one will make your Christmas feast one to remember. So we here at Snizl have been researching the best place to buy your turkey in Chesterfield.  

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Christmas Carols in Chesterfield this Christmas
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Christmas is coming to Chesterfield quickly. With many events happening in Chesterfield it’s often easy to forget the classic Christmas Carols. These sweetly sung songs are a highlight of Christmas and we at Snizl will be looking at some of the best Christmas Carol events in Chesterfield. For more Events, promotions, deals and competitions or [Read more…]

The beautiful singing voices of a choir. There isn’t anything like it and Christmas is the best time of year to hear this wonderful tune. Many carol services are happening throughout Leicester so we are looking at some of the best that are happening this year. For more Events, promotions deals and competitions or just [Read more…]